In his compelling Keynotes, Matthias offers inspiring food for thought and offers surprising insights for each individual participant. On all varieties of events, conferences, conventions and meetings, Matthias guides the audience on a fascinating journey, giving thought-provoking impulses for all listeners. With his captivating and dynamic nature, he gains every audience’s sympathy and can set moments alight.

Matthias is an expert at moving people to action and combines practical advice and emotional stories to create captivating infotainment. His inspiring Keynotes will stay on your mind and help you create an inspiring event for both you and all those participating.

Keynote 1: "High-Performance Sports Spirit"

High-Performance Sports Spirit: What can companies learn from high-performance athletes?

Nowadays, companies are faced with markets that are coined by increasingly intensified competition.

In order to master this competition, nerve, assertiveness and the will to reach a set target at all costs are essential factors of success.

With his emotional presentation, Matthias Knossalla illustrates how high-performance athletes reach their objectives and which mind-set they use to do so.

Furthermore, he reveals the skills necessary thereto and how these can be developed and successfully implemented – in both your company and your own life.

Keynote 2: "Implementation"

Acting resolutely, just as a professional triathlete does.

Who hasn’t experienced meetings upon meetings of innovative ideas and their development without real sustainable implementation or implementation at all? How often are these ideas set aside or forgotten?

In this vivid Keynote, Matthias explains why professional triathletes have to act in a structured and resolute manner in order to be both mentally and physically ready for as massive an undertaking as the Ironman®.

The qualities necessary for such a feat can also help you and your company reach targets and major undertakings both head-on and consequently and sustainably.

Keynote 3: "Lifelong Dreams"

“Simply dreaming big isn’t enough!” This is how to reach your goals!

Do you have ambitious goals or even a lifelong dream? Are you chasing it?

In order to reach a truly great and personal objective in life, nerve, the right mindset and a suitable strategy, of which each is trust-worthy even in tough situations, are absolutely necessary.

In this captivating Keynote, Matthias Knossalla illustrates his self-developed “Element Model” that has not only helped him but also others all over the world to achieve their personal lifelong dreams. Get inspired and then start working on it!

Impulse Speeches

You wish to excite and inspire all participants? While offering motivating food for thought at the same time? And quickly and on-point? Then one of Matthias‘ impulse speeches is the right choice for your event.

Matthias vividly and memorably conveys his “Element Model”, that helps people reach their goals, through a fascinating story. This creates real and sustainable value for the entire audience.

This energy presentation is especially suited, if you are planning to set your participants into motion and wake their inner drive!

Presentation 1: „Go Big or go Home“

Properly Dealing with Success and Failure

Being successful is great! Both for a company and in personal situations. Nonetheless, if you are striving for permanent success, there are two things you need: A “never give up mentality” and the ability of properly dealing with failure.

This motivating impulse speech will captivate the audience and offer memorable learning impulses on how to develop and use them. Infotainment at its best!