Why an individual 360° feedback?

#1 Comparison of one’s own perspective in relation to the external perspective

#2 Increases self-awareness

#3 Fast & measurable results

#4 Recognizing potential and promoting the manager

“The greatest leaders mobilize others by coalescing people around a shared vision.”

Ken Blanchard

Procedure | 360° feedback for the development of leadership culture

In our proposed 360-degree feedback process, we offer a comprehensive and structured approach to gain valuable insights into the performance and development opportunities of your employees. Our aim is to cultivate a constructive feedback culture based on mutual respect and a desire for continuous improvement. Here is our proposed approach:

1. Goal Setting and Strategic Planning:

At the beginning of the process, we work with you to define the specific objectives and areas of competence to be assessed. The questionnaire is created for all participants. This phase is crucial for aligning the feedback process with your business objectives.

2. Educating and Preparing Participants:

We ensure that all participants – both feedback recipients and givers – are fully informed about the process, its objectives, and the confidential handling of the outcomes.

3. Selection of Feedback Givers:

In coordination with the feedback recipient, we identify a group of individuals who can provide relevant and multifaceted perspectives on the recipient’s performance and behavior.

4. Conducting Interviews:

We conduct structured 1:1 interviews (45 minutes each) based on a pre-agreed questionnaire. This allows for a thorough and nuanced collection of feedback.

5. Analysis and Reporting:

We carefully analyze the collected data to create a detailed and meaningful feedback report. This report highlights strengths and identifies areas for potential development as a leader, supported by concrete examples and observations.

6. Feedback Session:

In a personal meeting, we present the results to the feedback recipient. This step is fundamental to deepen understanding and lay the foundation for positive development.

Procedure of our 360° analysis – NDA and Questionnaire 


Step 1

Non-disclosure agreement is signed. Questionnaire is created in consultation with the customer.

Step 2

Interview partners receive an invitation to the automatic appointment selection including a reminder e-mail with all the necessary information.


Step 3

We conduct a 1:1 interview with all selected interview partners and ask detailed questions to obtain more precise information.

Step 4

Our self-developed AI tool, which we use to create the results report, supports us in analyzing the results. 


Step 5

The participant receives a PDF with all the results.

Step 6

Our integrated calendar tool sends an email for appointment selection to discuss the results 1:1. At the same time, the results are sent out as a 30-page PDF.